Terrace folding tables

Discover our collection of complete folding terrace tables for meals, an aperitif or an outdoor coffee. Timeless designs and manufacturing quality allow your outdoor furniture to last without deteriorating and to meet the demands of intensive use. Compose the tables according to the atmosphere you want to create by combining a compact top and legs with an integrated handle for tilting them. An asset that makes storing these folding outdoor tables easier on a daily basis.


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Complete folding tables : aesthetics and optimization of space

The Grosfillex range of folding tables counts on maximum practicality. Tourism, catering and hotel professionals appreciate models that take up little space for easy travel and storage. In the folding ranges, the top tilts and tilts to fold against the table legs. Some versions even have folding legs to save even more space!

Outdoor dining areas and bars are tidy much more quickly. The storage volume is minimal thanks to the folding furniture.

Practical and foldable models are available in various materials and colors… They can also be suitable for interior spaces.

Several design possibilities for terraces with a neat and clever aesthetic. Welcome your customers in a beautiful decorative atmosphere and benefit from robust outdoor furniture.

Folding tables that offer as much customization as functionality to your spaces.

Folding tables are ideal models for places of relaxation and conviviality:

· Rooftops, lounges, verandas and hotel bars

· The terraces of restaurants, brasseries, cafés (classic models or high seating)

· Snacks

· Campsites

· Private beaches

· Residences and holiday clubs

· Cruise ship lounges and restaurants

The features of folding tables for catering, snacking or bars

·A varied range of colors : from the table legs to the top, a palette of colors allows you to personalize catering furniture to create dining or lounge areas in different decorative atmospheres. The legs and the top can adopt the same color or constitute a duo of colors. The trays with material effects are very successful (wood, concrete, marble, etc.). You will be able to find the colors most suited to the floor, the general decoration and other furniture elements (chairs, parasols, sun loungers, etc.).

· The flap and nesting system for the table legs : the attachment that connects the legs and the top is tiltable, which allows the table to be folded to save storage space. Some models have legs on 2 different levels, which allows the furniture to be nestled as closely as possible to optimize storage.

· The materials : the aluminum or steel feet (depending on the model) are solid and stable. The trays are UV and rain resistant. Their HPL (High Pressure Laminate) composition is absolutely robust and compact, despite its thin thickness.

The advantages of folding tables for all café and restaurant terraces

Adaptable and aesthetic models

High or classic height tables, rectangular, square or round tops, version for 2 or more place settings… The dimensions and colors offer numerous possibilities to suit all relaxation and dining areas.

The space saving of folding tables is obvious! Tilt and you're done. The top is thin and compact thanks to its HPL technology, it is easy to handle and takes up little space. Once folded, the tables are easier to move to store or arrange the terrace as you wish. The fact that the legs fit together perfectly on certain models adds even more practicality to Outdoor furniture. This allows the equipment to be tightened as much as possible. Professionals who have limited storage space will find what they need here.

Maintenance is extremely simple: a damp cloth is enough to clean properly.

The longevity of the folding tables is great thanks to the design materials: resin, aluminum or steel are champions of long-term conservation.

Standards of our products

All our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

French manufacturer

Most of our products are manufactured and/or assembled in France

Warranty: Up to 10 years

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