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Folding table legs

Whatever the table, our folding legs provide essential functionality for their daily handling. A proven, easy-to-use Grosfillex system which gives these terrace table legs a major advantage both in the stability of the top fixed on them and in optimizing space when storing the tables.


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Folding table legs : maneuverability, comfort and space saving

The Grosfillex range of folding outdoor table legs is specially adapted to storage and space needs. Several base models for restaurant or bar tables that fold quickly. Aesthetics is not left out because the legs of folding tables differ in their colors and shapes. The fixings, base and column of the encroachment come in a variety of styles and features. The range of feet has been designed to facilitate daily handling by professionals in the hotel, catering and tourism industry.

The folding leg models are just as stable as the fixed table versions. They adapt to all floors and are not wobbly, providing impeccable comfort for welcoming customers, on your terraces or indoors. All our legs are on 2 levels for a perfect fit, which allows maximum optimization of the storage space for outdoor furniture. Square, round or rectangular trays, large or small models, tall or classic version, create high-quality dining spaces in an aesthetic style that sets you apart.

Folding and functional table legs to create optimized spaces

The leg models for folding tables are designed for simplified use in various reception areas:

· Restaurant and hotel terraces

· Cafés, tea rooms, brasseries, bars or snack bars

· Night establishments

· Private beach restaurants

Characteristics of the legs for folding tables

· Materials : the base and column are made of aluminum. All are equipped with a folding handle made of polypropylene and fiberglass. Materials that offer solidity and resistance to any test (impacts, UV, rain, anti-oxidant, etc.). They allow maximum stability so that the table is perfectly balanced thanks to adjustable glides, whether it is open or folded.

· The colors of the legs : black, terracotta, platinum gray or light beige... They allow you to match any table top and any atmosphere you want to achieve.

· Shapes and dimensions : the base can be for a solo leg or a duo leg. Our leg models have a hook to make it easier to fit them together for storage. Double legs accommodate longer trays to accommodate up to 4 guests around the table. The height varies depending on the model: classic catering furniture or bar furniture (bar table, high table).

· The shapes of the central columns are all tubular

The advantages of folding table legs for bar or restaurant areas

Powerful adaptability and maximum space saving

The leg models for folding tables are ultra practical! The top is folded against the legs to easily handle the table. It is easy to handle and the movement is rapid. Store and store with ease.

The glides placed under each end of the wheel bases allow your terrace tables to be adapted to the ground on which they are installed.

Maintenance is brief: a damp cloth or sponge and the feet are impeccable! Aluminum and steel don't get dirty much, which further reduces cleaning.

The durability of the table legs is promoted by quality, solid, resistant and recyclable materials.

Standards of our products

All our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

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Warranty: Up to 10 years

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