Element 3D Premium

Element 3D Premium

The Grosfillex PVC wall covering collection offers designs that go beyond the material. 3D prints enhanced by a selective varnish are astonishingly realistic and incredibly reproduce materials such as wood, stone, concrete, siding, cement tiles. A decorative wall solution that opens the doors to ultra-personalization of all your spaces, professional or private.


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Why choose PVC wall panel?

In the world of architecture and interior design, PVC wall panel is gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics. Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to perfectly reproduce materials with 3D printing, providing a realistic and aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional coatings.

One of the main advantages of PVC wall panel covering is its lightness and ease of handling. Unlike other materials, PVC is extremely lightweight, making it much easier to transport and install. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals such as architects, specifiers and fitters who often have to work on large projects requiring rapid coverage of large areas.

Another major advantage of PVC wall panel is its ability to be waterproof. Thanks to its specific composition, PVC forms a waterproof barrier which protects walls from water infiltration and humidity. This makes it an ideal solution for wet rooms such as bathrooms, shower cubicles or technical rooms.

How to install PVC paneling on walls?

When it comes to installation, PVC wall panel covering offers a convenient and quick solution. Unlike the large projects required for other types of coverings, installing PVC is relatively simple. The covering panels can be cut to size and fixed directly to any type of existing wall (up to 3 mm irregularity) using special glues, by stapling or suitable fixing systems (installation on cleats).

PVC paneling also has the advantage of being available in a wide range of patterns and finishes, thanks to the possibilities offered by 3D printing. This allows professionals to choose from a variety of textures, colors and patterns to create unique and personalized spaces.

In conclusion, decorative PVC wall covering represents an attractive and practical solution for all professionals. Its lightness, ease of handling, speed of installation and waterproofing make it an ideal option for projects requiring a durable and aesthetically pleasing wall covering. With advances in 3D printing, PVC now offers a realistic alternative to traditional materials, giving professionals greater creative freedom.

Standards of our products

Most of our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581-2/3 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

French manufacturer

Most of our products are manufactured and/or assembled in France

Warranty: Up to 10 years

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We guarantee a return for all requests within 5 days maximum (*excluding public holidays and vacation periods)