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Furnish all your bar terraces with style, refinement and elegance. Grosfillex offers outdoor high chairs and bar stools in quality materials which give them durability and resistance in all environments, even the most difficult. Comfort, design, everything comes together so that you, hoteliers or restaurateurs, can achieve ambiances that match your establishment.


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High chairs for practical and elegant dining spaces

The Grosfillex high chair ranges are a sensation with their designer lines and practical advantages. Restaurant and hotel professionals appreciate models that are as functional as they are stylish. Choosing high furniture allows you to use all spaces: the bar, the walls which include shelves, the nooks… High chairs offer a more relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere to relaxation areas. They also allow a panoramic view of the environment and to be able to interact with people who are standing (in a bar for example).

Models with varied shapes, dimensions and colors to maximize decoration, while preserving customer comfort. Discover the Grosfillex high chair ranges.

Where and in what context should the high chair ranges be used?

Professionals in the hotel, catering and tourism industry can immediately opt for raised furniture or mix low chairs and high chairs to vary the atmosphere within the same space or to optimize all the available space. They are found in:

· Fast food corners for aquatic areas

· The terraces of restaurants and brasseries

· Indoor or outdoor hotel bars

· Café terraces

· Snacks by the sea

· Cruise ship bars

· Hotel roof terraces for a drink, lunch or dinner while enjoying the view.

The characteristics of high chairs for bar or restaurant areas

· Colors: elegant, timeless, in trendy or flashy colors, high chairs create a decorative style that makes an impact or extends the decorative harmony of the place.

· Varied styles: from chairs that blend discreetly into the decor to trendy high chairs, choose the range that will highlight your outdoor or indoor space. The possibilities are vast: round or rectangular shapes (for the backrest and/or seat), with or without armrest, with or without cushion, full or openwork models (louver cutouts, plant shapes, interlacing imitating canework, etc.) . The fabrics and materials of the bar chairs are other elements to personalize the dining areas as much as possible.

· Different sizes and dimensions: the height of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the width of the feet… Find the model that suits your needs.

The advantages of Outdoor and Indoor high chairs

The diversity of models allows a wide choice so that each professional can find the high chairs adapted to their context and style of decoration. The furniture is suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The strength and durability of bar chairs: in resin, polypropylene, cataphoresis-treated steel... Outdoor furniture benefits from unfailing solidity and longevity. It is robust: heavy use, vagaries of the weather, shocks, wear... Models that last over time while preserving their quality and aesthetics.

The storage and practicality of high chairs are a major asset. Stackable models save considerable space. Easy to assemble and light to handle, Grosfillex bar chairs fit together in the blink of an eye. Setting up or tidying up a bar or restaurant space is quick! Stacking also allows for more storage, an advantage for keeping a few extra models for busy days.

Cleaning Grosfillex high chairs is ideal for professionals who have little time during the season: washing with soapy water and rinsing is enough. A simple jet of water (not high pressure) removes dust.

Standards of our products

All our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

French manufacturer

Most of our products are manufactured and/or assembled in France

Warranty: Up to 10 years

According to the product line
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Customer service

We guarantee a return for all requests within 5 days maximum (*excluding public holidays and vacation periods)