Bains de soleil toile confort

Comfort fabric sunloungers

Provide all possible comfort to your sunbathing customers on your poolside, beachside or in your wellness centers. The relax comfort range offered by Grosfillex offers major advantages such as durability, particularly during intensive use, and low maintenance. Another advantage lies in the ease of daily handling: no more added cushions that have to be installed and stored daily. Our bath beds are functional for you and ultra-comfortable for your customers thanks to the quick-drying fleece fabrics.


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Sunloungers with comfort fabric: design, well-being and functionality

Grosfillex deckchairs with their fleece fabric are part of the high-end outdoor furniture. Their standing allows moments of absolute relaxation. Luxury su loungers for hoteliers and tourism professionals who want their customers to benefit from superior well-being. These relaxation models with clean lines are widely popular. The combination of materials is very successful: a high-tech composite structure, cellular foam covered with a PVC textile fabric. Varied and natural colors, subtle design, optimal practicality, the sunlounger with comfort canvas has it all. It becomes an object of exterior decoration for outdoor spaces. Opt for beautiful and luxurious relaxation ranges!

Sunbathing that sets the course for well-being

Luxury deckchairs have their place in elegant and timeless outdoor or indoor spaces such as:

· Thermal baths, spa areas and thalassotherapy center

· Indoor and outdoor swimming pools in upscale establishments

· Guest rooms

· Private beaches

· Residences and holiday clubs

· Cruise ships

All the features of sunloungers with fleece canvas

· Different colors for the frame of the chaise lounge and for the PVC material are available: the Sunset and Bali Confort range allows for numerous aesthetic duos. The structure of the sunlounger ranges from white to black, including bronze, gray... The canvas reveals the finesse of its weaving in a mottled effect. Natural colors are distinguished whatever the shade chosen. A wide choice of frame and fabric colors. Prefer tone on tone for a marked unit or a contrasting duo to create a sensation on the terrace.

· Different inclinations: your customers adjust the position of their deckchair as they wish. Five backrest inclinations to quickly move from lying to seated position. Need to lie down for total rest or need to watch the children in the pool, the sunlounger can be manipulated in just a few seconds.

· Soft for exceptional relaxation: the open cell foam is surrounded by PVC textile, to obtain a breathable honeycomb cushion, which does not retain water and dries quickly.

The advantages of sunlounger with comfort fabric

Models that combine remarkable design and optimal well-being

Avant-garde lines, color tones that impress without imposing themselves, perfect comfort, luxury chaise lounge have only advantages. Their headrest cushion adds further comfort to the model and additional decorative relief. Sunloungers with comfort canvas adapt their elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Storage goes very quickly thanks to the stacking capacity of the deckchairs. Lightweight models that can be moved easily with small integrated casters. The sun loungers once stacked take up little space, perfect for tight storage spaces.

Maintaining the structure is quick and easy: soap, rinse, let dry. A simple jet of water removes dust or sand. Its fleece cushion is treated against mold and fungus.

The durability of sun loungers, whether the PVC canvas or the structure, is powerful. The materials are resistant to UV, shock, weather hazards and stains, without alteration of their properties. In addition, they are recyclable, an ecological benefit.

Standards of our products

Most of our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581-2/3 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

French manufacturer

Most of our products are manufactured and/or assembled in France

Warranty: Up to 10 years

According to the product line
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Customer service

We guarantee a return for all requests within 5 days maximum (*excluding public holidays and vacation periods)