Compact tiles 45 x 90 cm

Gx Wall+ is a complete range of decorative composite wall tiles. Compact, lightweight, they can be handled without difficulty. Their composition offers durability, resistance and waterproofing without forgetting time savings in terms of installation for all wall renovation projects undertaken. Gx Wall+ is an incredibly realistic imitation of mineral aspects both in terms of touch and rendering of the decor which will amaze many people. An XL wall covering format for a quickly completed interior project!


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Standards of our products

All our furniture is tested and meets the EN 581 standard - professional level (excluding umbrellas). All our wall panels meet the standard : ISO 16000

French manufacturer

Most of our products are manufactured and/or assembled in France

Warranty: Up to 10 years

According to the product line
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We guarantee a return for all requests within 5 days maximum (*excluding public holidays and vacation periods)