Hotel Catalonia Grand Costa Mujeres -Cancun

Hôtel Catalonia Grand Costa Mujeres -Cancun

An entire resort in Cancun refurbished with Grosfillex Outdoor furniture

A very beautiful project carried out by the Grosfillex Spain sales team which was able to develop and overall project for this magnificent large-scale hotel establishment.

A large-scale mission on the layout of spaces around the pool and for the balcony areas of the rooms.

What range of outdoor furniture was offered?

The offer made to the Catalonia Costa Mujeres hotel was very clear and quite clear given the vast and broad structure of this resort. The choice undoubtedly fell on the Sunset range.

sun lounger-sunset-white-blue-turquoise-cancun

Why did the establishment choose Grosfillex products and the Sunset range?

Responding to specifications which require demanding technical criteria in addition to a product design that can be perfectly integrated into the overall atmosphere of the hotel, the director of the establishment did not hesitate to choose the furniture for professional Sunset.

What are the advantages of the Sunset outdoor range?

First of all, Sunset offers a complete range of furniture dedicated to:

  • Catering areas
  • Lounge areas
  • Bar and rooftop areas
  • Beachside and poolside areas
  • Balcony areas


An Outdoor range with a contemporary, refined design, not to mention comfort for all customers offered by the sunloungers as well as the selected low conversational armchairs.

sun lounger-sunset-white-canvas-blue-beach-side

What technical features of Sunset made the difference?

For beachside or poolside relaxation, the priority quality sought is resistance to intensive use. Its special outdoor woven PVC fabric offers many advantages such as:

  • Comfort: no need to equip sun loungers with a cushion
  • The materials: a high-tech composite structure, an aluminum fabric support structure, a non-deformable woven canvas
  • An antifungal, anti-mould, anti-bacterial treated canvas
  • An interchangeable fabric already fixed on its structure
  • Perfect stackability
  • Easy and simple daily maintenance
  • Stainless base and structure
  • Durability

A combined choice between aesthetics and technicality

Apart from multiple criteria cited above requested by the hotel establishment, the choice of product design was inseparable in the final decision-making.

The clean, sober, modern lines of the Sunset sun lounger, the low conversational armchair or the 2-seater sofa won over the manager of the complex. A multitude of color combinations between the base and the proposed fabric was a major argument.

Having a coherent Outdoor range, coordinated in each relaxation area, was undoubtedly the “plus” expected by the hotelier.



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